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Title:Tolerance and Law Category:General Source:Abdulbasith muhammad Ibrahim,2019   Description:equality of all members of society before the law
Civilized societies care about legal establishing of religious tolerance by texturing it into legal frame. Besides introducing regulations too restrictive to be breached against such a human principle; in order to preserve society’s safety and security.
The purpose behind the framework of the said regulations is to deter infringers and secure a safe haven for tolerance amongst community to coexist in cordiality and mutual confidence. Which requires in this connection, equality of all members of society before the law regardless of ethnicity or belief.
Most experts in the realm of human history deduced that the legal coverage was one of the most solid pillars of tolerance within society.
Thus, it is only part of the intuitive postulates that feeling wronged ignites conflict amongst human, destroys the legality of law in the accuser’s perspective, and in consequence incurs mutiny against members of society and respective values.
No doubt, civil liberties as religious freedom reflect awareness with the culture of tolerance warranted by religions and agreed upon by the wise.
The UN Declaration of Principles on Tolerance (1995) ensued to support and enact the said concept amongst peoples the world over in order to spare communities religious clashes.
In this regard, the UAE has endeavored diligently to establish tolerance in society through legislation of laws combatting blasphemy. With the objective of establishing intellectual, social, cultural and legal bases for tolerance solidified by law to deter violators.