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Tuesday 13 Oct 2020 21 Innovative Ideas ZHIC Organizes Virtual Brainstorming Workshop To Improve Qur'an Teaching Program An innovative workshop aimed at proposing quality initiatives and ideas to improve Qur'an teaching program
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) Committee for Innovation and Future Foresight ran a virtual brainstorming workshop via Microsoft Teams involved ZHIC General Director, department managers, section heads and a number of employees . The innovative workshop came into being with the aim to introduce quality initiatives and ideas to improve one of the main services provided by ZHIC - Qur’an teaching program . The event drew 21 innovative ideas in the frame of 4 topics discussed. The theme of the workshop revolved around improving curriculum and learning environment with regard to (teachers, students, and classrooms). In addition to teaching tools and enhancing promotional marketing channels regarding the Qur’an teaching program . The workshop ran into two phases; the first included discussion to generate and select appropriate ideas and the second focused on the applied ideas generated through discussion. In order to transform the ideas into initiatives and strategic projects to be executed in ZHIC future plans . 

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