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Wednesday 12 Feb 2020 48 Thousand Publications in 13 Languages, Distriburted by ZHIC in 2019 ZHIC distributed 48 Thousand Publications in 13 Languages, in 2019
In its endeavor to enrich the content of Islamic culture and enhance Arabic language in the UAE community, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) distributed more than 48,000 publications in 13 languages last year. In this regard, Dr. Khalifa al Mottawa, head of ZHIC library, publication and translation section noted that the publications of 183 titles were directed to various readers interested in Islamic culture and the true rules, teachings, and values of Islam. Moreover, Dr. al Mottawa added that on an annual basis, ZHIC adds new books translated into major languages as per its vision to be a leading entity with regard to introducing the Islamic culture. Furthermore, he added that ZHIC also prepares and publishes articles on Islamic culture on its website: in various languages to reach out to interested persons through e learning. 

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