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Thursday 23 Apr 2020 A series of Community Lectures Organized by ZHIC 'ZHIC Virtual Board' ZHIC Virtual Board Introduced by A number of Academicians and Media Personnel for Community Lectures
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) recently launched an initiative entitled ‘ZHIC Virtual Board’. The program comprises a series of community lectures conducted on ZHIC Instagram during Ramadan . In this regard, the general director of ZHIC Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji related that the introduction of the initiative came in conjunction with the current circumstances affecting the country because of COVID-19 and the success achieved through remote learning and work. Thus, the lectures aim to raise awareness in social realms, vital skills for community members and advancing community communication through direct participation of local community segments to share benefit of exchanging expertise through such an informative platform . The lectures channeled via ZHIC Virtual Board comprise 8 modules on various topics delivered by a number of academicians and media personnel . 

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