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Thursday 20 Feb 2020 Department of Community Development Organizes First Social Sector Gathering, 2020 ZHIC takes part in the first social sector gathering, 2020
The Department of Community Development held its first social sector gathering for 2020. The event was attended by Dr. Mugheer K. al Kheili, chair of the department and general managers of all social sector entities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The gesture came in conjunction with the department’s efforts aiming to support realizing the national strategic goals for wellbeing, 2031. In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC general director related that ‘the significance of our participation in the first strategic gathering for the social sector was to know about the trends and aspirations of social sector 2030. Along with the strategy of wellbeing as to render the emirate of Abu Dhabi internationally pioneering with regard to quality of life and ranks. Especially as citizens’ wellbeing is of paramount importance to the government, which continuously works on developments to realize sustainability with best possible initiatives and programs. That facilitate cooperation between social institutions with the aim to combine strategic and work plans with social sector projects and initiatives in Abu Dhabi. In order to meet all the needs of the emirates community and act accordingly to improve and realize dignified life for better future propelled with prosperity and affluence. 

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