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Friday 28 Feb 2020 'Innovation in Social Cohesion' Aworkshop in Ajman In the framework of Innovation Month, ZHIC runs a workshop on 'Innovation in Social Cohesion'
In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) held an innovative lecture entitled ‘Innovation in Social Cohesion’ at Ajman Cultural Centre. The workshop was run by consultant and legal researcher Mr. Abdul Rahman al Harbi. The talk revolved around innovation and social cohesion with the aim to exchange expertise between participating public entities. Besides, presenting social issues and knowing about the best possible practices to realize harmony amongst community constituents, along with stability and prosperity within the UAE community. In this regard, Mrs. Mouza al Ktebi, ZHIC cultural and educational affairs manager related that ‘due to the current challenges, variables, cultural and intellectual diversity and related effect, we are in dire need of new and future social innovation to preserve the existing established social cohesion. 

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