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Wednesday 29 Apr 2020 Ramadan Breezes" A series of Remote Lectures Launched by ZHIC in 5 Languages "Ramadan Breezes" A series of Remote Lectures Launched by ZHIC in 5 international Languages
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) launched a series of remote lectures entitled ‘Ramadan Breezes” on its Facebook page as part of the current precautionary measures in conjunction with the government decisions with regard to social distance as to safeguard human health called for by Islam . The initiative aimed to running 8 informative lectures in five languages such as English, Amharic, Mandarin, Russian and Tagalog. Every lecture will cast for half an hour during different days of the Holy Month. The lectures target new Muslims and persons interested in Islamic culture to raise religious awareness and establish moral values. Besides, availing of the current opportunity to carry out more good deeds and acts of obedience toward God . The lectures will delve into religious, social, health and psychological topics delivered by ZHIC specialist academicians. Among the titles of the lectures are ‘Family and Community’ , ‘Benefits of Fasting’, ‘Ramadan Spiritualties’, ‘Virtue of Last Ten Days of Ramadan’ and numerous other topics theming fasters and new reverts . In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC General Director emphasized that the remote lectures were launched to accentuate the continuity of work under the current circumstances and also as an alternative approach to communicate with the new revert students and persons interested in Islamic culture. In a way that would realize ZHIC’s vision to be a leading organization in introducing the essence of the Islamic culture and assimilating new Muslims . Finally, Dr. al Tinaiji pointed out that ZHIC would do its best to achieve its strategic and operational plan while continuing to execute its annual programs and plans notwithstanding the current circumstances . 

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