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Tuesday 19 May 2020 Recite and Elevate' A Qur'an Competition for New Reverts Held by ZHIC 'Recite and Elevate' A Holy Qur'an Competition for ZHIC New Reverts
Zayed House Islamic Culture (ZHIC) organized a remote Holy Qur’an competition entitled ‘Recite and Elevate’ on its Facebook and YouTube accounts. The measure was taken due to the current situation as to follow precautionary measures in abidance with the government decisions on social distance . The aim of the competition was to bond the participants with the Book of God, raise their awareness, and inculcate community development out of  Qur’anic knowledge infusing good conduct .  The completion attracted 65 male and female ZHIC students of 12 nationalities hailing from China, Philippines, UK, Malaysia, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cameron . The arbitration committee selected the top ten winners out of the 25 took part in the competition . It is worth mentioning that the committee engaged followers and audience in polling with regard to selection of winners. Particularly in relation to competitors enjoying eloquence and great performance. As competitors numbers phone numbers were  flashed  during comments on ZHIC comments on YouTube . 

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