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Tuesday 30 Jun 2020 "Wellbeing" A Series of Lectures Launched by Zayed House for Islamic Culture for New Reverts "Wellbeing" A Series of Lectures Launched by Zayed House for Islamic Culture for New Reverts
Targeting new Muslims and stockholders throughout 2020, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) launched its first series of lectures entitled “Wellbeing”. The aim was to improve quality of life for the new reverts and strengthen their integration into society by engaging them in cultural, health and sports activities contributive to their wellbeing. In conjunction with the current exceptional circumstances, Dr. Ahmed I. al Kamali, head of ZHIC new Muslim section related on his Facebook page that ZHIC series of lectures on “Wellbeing” would theme 10 miscellaneous topics including religious, cultural, sports and health realms. Moreover, Dr. Kamali stated that a number of specialists, academicians and community personages were selected to deliver the lectures in cooperation with the community individuals and institutions. The lectures will come under various titles, notably Significance of Physical Exercise During Home Quarantine, Happy Family, Childhood Obesity, The Psychological and Social Effect of Physical Exercise, and other lectures to continue to the end of the year discussing psychological, psychical and religious themes to meet the need of ZHIC students . Furthermore, Dr. Kamali emphasized that community wellbeing ‘is a strategic government priority’ to render the UAE as a leading country in this regard in tandem with its vision to score the world top rank in terms of happiness and cohesion. Finally, the speaker accentuated ZHIC endeavors to find alternative solutions as to communicate with its students and persons interested in Islamic culture to realize its strategic vision regarding the welfare of new reverts and their integration into the society under its mission to be a leading entity introducing the essence of Islamic culture and assimilating new Muslims .

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