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Thursday 16 Apr 2020 Zayed House for Islamic Culture Launches Distance Learning in 8 International Languages Distance Lerarning ZHIC in 8 International Languages
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) launched the initiative of Distance Leaning for its enrolled students through which they could access programs of Islamic culture and Holy Qur’an online . The initiative came to enhance the concept of Distance Learning to guarantee continuity of education under the current global crisis of COVID-19 . In this regard, ZHIC trained its teaching staff to improve their skills to cope with best possible digital educational practices through a number of workshops utilizing e-platforms. In order to utilize information and telecommunication technology in teaching to present smart programs and lessons. Especially the free platforms provided by the UAE such as Blackboard, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Business currently active at ZHIC channels . 

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