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Wednesday 25 Mar 2020 ZHIC Applies Remote Work System Zayed House for Islamic Culture applies remote work in conjuction with the slogan 'Committed to You, UAE'
In conjunction with the preemptive measures adopted by the UAE against COVID-19, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) has applied remote work system at its head office in Al Ain and respective branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman . In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC General Director related that ‘as part of the endeavors to realize the slogan ‘Committed to You, UAE’, and the safety of ZHIC staff and clients, we have applied remote work system. In order to keep work momentum through technology and respective programs with regard to meetings, discussions, and work follow up as per the procedures required to execute tasks. We will keep displaying our services on ZHIC website, Smart pass and ZHIC social networks accounts ’. In conclusion, Dr. al Tinaiji put emphasis on the successful investment of the UAE government regarding remote work, which will qualify it for future preparedness . 

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