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Thursday 14 May 2020 ZHIC Virtual Board Concludes its Ramadan Lectures More htan 1300 persons benefitted from ZHIC Virtual Board
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) brought to a close its final Ramadan session as part of its lectures on ZHIC Virtual Board transmitted on its account on Instagram under the title ‘Positive Citizenry’ to maintain social security. The event was presented by HE consultant Ibrahim al Double, the CEO of Khalifa Empowerment Program- AQDAR. The speaker delved into the concept of citizenship regarding the bond between the individual and home when it comes to rights and duties mainly when facing crisis such as COVID-19, along with the positivity shown by the UAE community to apply safety . The 8 lectures passed through the virtual board to Instagram, benefitted 1318 persons. The talks discussed a number of topics in different fields pertaining to the effect of volunteering in realizing community cohesion, shedding light on the unique UAE experience in volunteering, and community circumstances during Ramadan under the current Corona pandemic outbreak . Other lectures themed values and surmounting of crises, happiness in Ramadan and Islam, thinking well of God, positive media message during the crisis, positive citizenry and preserving social security . 

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