Cultural Diversity Enriches Knowledge

Mariem Hamoud, 2021
Cultural diversity is a significant reflection of social coexistence and interaction between respective community segments.

Cultural diversity is a significant reflection of social coexistence and interaction between respective community segments.  For the several social, cultural and philosophical aspects contributive to its very concept through which an individual role temperamentally stems as a unique distinctive value. 

Moreover, multiculturalism signposts not only progress and openness, but also individual and communal knowledge and various surrounding facts calling for scrutiny and explanation conducive to better human epistemic expertise. Rightfully described by Plato as a ‘justified belief’ and a vehicle to acquiring more knowledge, skills and understandings. 

Especially under current global ground promoting human heritage and arts essential for sustainable development and linguistic knowledge improvement. Which in turn, contributes to more coherent and aware community bonding with respect, cooperation, confidence and acceptance of others; while boosting competency and productivity. 

The 2001 UNESCO universal declaration on cultural diversity accentuated the significance of cultural diversity and its role to enrich knowledge as a common human heritage worthy of preservation and cherishing for the current and future generations.  

In fact, the UAE is outstanding in its endeavors to implement cultural diversity through various initiatives officially sponsored. Such as youth and cultural clubs of different communities set to establish knowledge exchange, peaceful coexistence, fraternity and solidarity occasionally displayed on the state skyscrapers.  

Based on coexistence, cultural diversity is a solid platform for positive cultural interaction indispensable not only to modern life, but also to better development and coherence backed with sound knowledge.  

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