The program introduces learners to the basics of Islamic culture and its universal values aimed at establishing the principles of moderation, temperance, and tolerance through studying of creed, prophetic tradition and transactions jurisdiction within curricula and studying levels prepared and developed in cooperation with specialized cadres. In order to enable learners to acquire considerable knowledge to employ in their dealings. The program includes lectures within various languages; notably Arabic, English, Russian, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Amharic, Urdu and Sinhalese.

Program objectives:

  • Introducing the essence of Islamic culture.
  • Instilling values of moderation and temperance in individuals’ life.
  • Contributing to empowering significances of goodness, uprightness, open-mindedness and coexistence.
  • Qualifying new reverts in terms of knowledge and culture to integrate into the surrounding society.
  • Introducing new reverts to the key principles to be practicing Muslims while learning about creed and rules of purification and worships.

Target group:

New Muslims.

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