Globalization of Diversity & Tolerance

Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2020
Globalization of Diversity , its phases, positive and negative effects on both local and international level.

Careful readings on globalization, its phases, positive and negative effects on both local and international level shows that the resulting changes in people is diverse in terms of history, religion, culture , intellect, society, economy …etc. so far.

Especially as human diversity is vital for more rapport between peoples obliged to open international borders to rapid flows of individuals, knowledge, commodities and services. Besides, changes in local and international policies and legislations to attract visiting bodies for economic, political, social and cultural development.

However, such development requires values of peace and tolerance established at the state level to accept others for positive global multiculturalism. Mainly nowadays, to keep pace with security, peace and cultural coexistence requisites sensibly communicable to younger generations to interact positively with others despite differences.

In general, global tolerance of all types, can contribute to moral values and appropriate principles for individuals and community as required, to promote respect, coexistence and acceptance of others. As rightly reverberates in Mary Anne Evans’ (George Eliot) quote on tolerance: ‘The responsibility of tolerance lies in those who have the wider vision’.

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