Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2021
The technology revolution of the twenty first century has brought with it modern terms such as multiculturalism.

The technology revolution of the twenty first century has brought with it modern terms such as multiculturalism. Which in essence, is an integral part of community development concepts, states have done a great deal to decipher. 
Multiculturalism is defined as a process of coexistence of diverse cultures in a community, while each party respects and appreciates the culture of the other. Such appreciation and respect are not far from culture itself, which is a set of social customs, traditions and practices including language use particulars among members of a certain community. While considering humans, who are vital for sustainable development endeavored by all sates and governments.   
The fact that people need to coexist with advanced concepts for better life, triggers the importance of multiculturalism. For the peace ever sought instead of wars, if such inclusive practices are implemented through civilized individual communication towards broader members of the community among whom one’s life and culture molds. 
Thus, culture plays a key role when it comes to an individual psychological and social development. The same can apply to traditions drawn from predecessors, with all manifold experiences that would positively yield more mutual communication and consequently, more cohesion and productivity while everyone cherishes privacy and respect among a multicultural society.  
In this regard, for the past fifty years the UAE has put multiculturalism into practice among members of the community of various nationalities, cultures, faiths, customs, traditions and practices. 
Highlighting honor of such diversity, qualifies the UAE to not only win the love of people, but also more eagerness to live here for better economy, creativity and innovation contributive to its being a proper model for multiculturalism and collaboration among various community segments.

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