Tolerance and Social Cohesion

Dr. Mohammed Chemat, 2020
tolerance and diversity are considered as positive basics of effective social cohesion.

Nowadays, interest in tolerance and social cohesion is gaining great momentum, especially in communities of multicultural and sophisticated constituents. The reason behind such a trend is to promote amicability and bond between social textures to immune them against all types of disharmony, through an established common future conducive to happiness and quality life . Sociologists assert that tolerance and social cohesion go hand in hand, namely Ibn Khaldun who not only associates social cohesion with multiculturalism, but also views social contract boosting to cohesion and integration. Thus, tolerance and diversity are considered as positive basics of effective social cohesion for the benefits gained vis - a - vis challenges faced. An example of this is the Muslim Andalusian civilization in which all cultures, religions and ethnicities coexisted to set a good example for tolerance until today . The more the society lives the values of tolerance as coexistence, amicability, mutual acceptance and communication, the more tolerance is established in its culture to an extent that it becomes normal and a way of life conspicuous in members of social cohesion. Thus, social cohesion is an applied concept that requires concerted efforts of three key elements namely, society, individuals and official organizations .  As regards individuals, their role is to apply common values, effective interaction with social and positive communication with others in the framework of tolerance with all. Society likewise, should endeavor amicable integration of its segments to realize the goals of social cohesion without discrimination . Official entities bear a great burden to realize social cohesion out of human rights and freedom according to the European report on social cohesion . In conjunction with such an approach revealed by related reports, the UAE provides a practical, outstanding and pioneering model for social bond, love, peace, tolerance, openness and coexistence with others of different community segments. Thanks to the wise leadership that the values once instilled by the late Sheikh Zayed, have come to fruition in the local society today . Such is tolerance with its sublime humanitarian concepts associated with social cohesion to reflect strong rapport contributing to a better future full of progress and prosperity . 

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