Tolerance and its Psychological Effects on Community

Dr. Mohammed Chemat, 2020
tolerance yields inner peace,

Tolerance is by all means, one of the many ways to strengthen social relations and establish mutual confidence conducive to constructive ideas and better human life. Moreover, tolerance yields inner peace, hope and amicability fruiting positivity and happiness sought after by all humans .  As through empirical and descriptive research, psychologists have recently referred to the proportional relationship between moral commitment and delight. Social coherence realizes not only harmony amongst local community members, but also makes them more extrovert and communicative towards others worthy of outreach and confidence . Obviously, the UAE has made great strides as to be a good example with regard to integration, tolerance, and women empowerment. Which has reflected positively in people’s living style open enough to celebrate diversity and adopt tolerance contributing to better hope and future . With regard to tolerance, one may as well conclude that it has positive and constructive impacts on community life translated not only in prosperity and health, but also in better relationship and productivity .    

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