Zayed House for Islamic Culture welcomes you to work with us for a prosperous future

We believe in the effective role that human capital plays in promoting the development movement and sustainable development, and we are working to attract talent through our vision of a pioneering institution in introducing the essence of Islamic culture and absorbing new converts.

In view of the size of the unique projects and initiatives implemented by the house and the diversity of its work, it is imperative to use the latest development programs and empower citizens by providing excellent job opportunities. We welcome the brilliant talents, especially individuals with competencies who find in themselves the ability to develop and contribute to the development of society and the strengthening of its cultural elements.

Zayed House for Islamic Culture has been able, through the efforts it has made in the field of introducing Islamic culture in society, and establishing community events, forums and forums, to achieve the aspirations of the Community Development Department and to provide a decent life for all members of society based on cohesion, tolerance and respect for others.

Do you have the desire and ambition to be part of our work system?

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