24 participants in the contest

 As part its program ‘Ramadan: Faith & Tranquility’, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) launched a competition for ‘Most Beautiful Azan by New Reverts’. The aim was to enhance the values of tolerance, coexistence and harmony and to draw community members, new Muslims and individuals interested in Islamic culture attention to the beauty of and meaning of the azan voice and values thereof. The competition attracted 24 participants of male new reverts who recorded azan tryouts to be sifted by a ZHIC committee. Who selected five tops and transmitted via ZHIC YouTube channel for community members and stakeholders to vote. Out of the 822 views, 227 electors took part in the voting process. In this regard, ZHIC head of public relations & media section, Mr. Khalifa al Saedi pointed out that the purpose behind the contest was the high regard for the beauty of azan voice, whose performers would deserve a chance to take part in the competition.
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