Abu Dhabi

ZHIC ran 409 courses as part of Islamic culutre program during the first half of the year

The General Director of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) – Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji emphasized ZHIC care to continue its efforts as to deliver its mission to highlight values of tolerance, coexistence and spreading of true Islamic principles among communities living in the UAE. In this regard, Dr. al Tinaiji explained that ZHIC ran 409 courses part of the Islamic culture program during the first half of the current year. The total number of learners benefitted from the program were 3,123 of various nationalities. Of whom 362 were in Al Ain, 1156 in Abu Dhabi and 1605 in Ajman. The 409 Islamic culture courses were held simultaneously as 83 courses at ZHIC Head Office in Al Ain, 126 and 200 in ZHIC branches in Abu Dhabi, and Ajman respectively. Dr. al Tinaiji further called to attention that the journey of a new revert at ZHIC ‘starts with an introductory session to Islam before progressing to Islamic culture courses through which they learn the true basics of the faith in accordance with steady learning levels and curricula prepared and developed in cooperation with respective specialized cadres in various fields’. Notably creed, Prophetic biography, rules of prayers and worships. Learning takes place at classes encompass all communities towards whom establishing of faith, Islamic values, goodness, openness and coexistence are aimed through knowledge and culture for better integration in the surrounding community. Dr. al Tinaiji concluded that the Islamic culture courses ‘are provided in 12 international languages to meet the actual need of the benefitting categories. Besides, promoting the values of tolerance, compassion and coexistence with different human cultures.
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