Abu Dhabi

Commemoration Day: UAE Martyrs Heoric Epics


On commemoration Day, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) General Director Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji hailed the UAE Armed Forces command, officers and defense forces who sacrifice their life to keep the homeland security and dignity. In this regard, Dr. al Tinaiji related that ‘Commemoration Day is an occasion dear to our hearts as it embodies the most sublime meanings of allegiance and sacrifices by Zayed sons who gave their lives for the UAE. Such historical moments demonstrate the heroic deeds of the UAE nationals from which we draw lessons embroidered with sacrifice and giving everything dear for the sake of our country’. On this Day, Dr. al Tinaiji added, ‘we pay tribute to the souls of the martyrs for their sacrifices for the homeland and to their families with whom we share pride for all that they did for the sake of the UAE. As we pray that God grant them the highest ranks of paradise’. 

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