Abu Dhabi

ZHIC Ruawais Virtual Summer Camp with the aim to develop youth skills and knowledge finally concluded

Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) concluded its participation in al Ruwais Virtual Summer Camp organized by the Community Department of al Dhafra Zone Affairs -ADNOC. The program continued for six weeks via ‘Microsoft Teams’ in cooperation with some elite partners. During the event, ZHIC presented courses in Arabic to speakers of other languages to age groups ranging between 7-18 years. With focus on speech articulation, calligraphy and pronunciation. Besides, courses in basic Mandarin learning for more skills and culture to bridge communicational gap. Along with lectures in Islamic culture in both Arabic and English language including the pillars of Islam in practice, friendship, being good to parents and pillars of faith leading to paradise.


On her part, Dr. Merriam al Kalbani, head of ZHIC cultural and educational programs put emphasis on ZHIC care to take part in such summer programs and provide various courses contributing to youth skills development and knowledge to lead examples in serious work and beneficial growth regarding community and country alike
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