Cognitive security is vital for tolerance

Mariem Hamoud, 2021
Sociologists view cognitive security as a reflection for integrity of thought, understanding, awareness of the surrounding globe .

Advanced societies have a premonition regarding cognitive security, which they endeavor to achieve for proper sustainability and development noncontinuable without such security. That reflects on how truly the societies preserve not only their identity, but also their culture, stability and coexistence. 
Sociologists view cognitive security as a reflection for integrity of thought, understanding, awareness of the surrounding globe and a shield against all that would jeopardize their scrupulousness, culture and moral system.  
Thus, security is not the responsibility of security men alone; as everybody should contribute thereto, commensurate with the Islamic culture necessary upkeep of self, mind, religion, progeny and property stipulated in Islam for public interest in this world and the world to come out of religious goodness, justice, compassion and all that may bring benefit.  
Including preservation of self and mind for pursuit of knowledge bestowed by God with awareness worthy of respective assignment.
The future of security and stability in any country associates with its population’s awareness, mutual acceptance and openness to dialogue with other cultures and establishing tolerance among them. Therefore, it is a common responsibility entailing self-achievement guarded by knowledge to be a further source of understanding with acceptance of others, to entertain tolerance in theory and practice. 
The benefits of cognitive security are plethoric enough to establish not only the culture of tolerance to boost community awareness, but also cultural awareness and dissemination of peace and stability contributive to fraternal bonds nurtured with love among community members. That are mindful of the abundant association of such security, tolerance and acceptance tallying with their level of civility. However, we should beware of various challenges that may have impact on tolerance to evade their negative effects on individuals through proper knowledge and understanding. That are so significant to build community awareness not only essential for common good, but also for better individual behavior to surmount the hurdles of intellectual stagnation to cultural community mobility. 
Islam rightfully urges for the necessity of integration between the individual and community. The Prophet (PBUH) says ‘The believers in their mutual compassion, sympathy and kindness are like one body. If a part thereof suffers illness, the whole-body aches in response’. Hence, cognitive security gets its significant status and role to promote tolerance and societal harmony. 


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