Dialogue with the other

Dr. Mohammed Chemat, 2021
In Islam, dialogue with others associates with rationality and wisdom.

God has created humans in unique universal characteristics, temperaments and beliefs “…and for this did He create them …”  Qur’an. The reason behind such creation is to realize knowing one another as in the verse: “O mankind! We have created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other …”  Conveniently, knowing one another is the vehicle to closer human relationship through dialogue consented by God for global development . Moreover, dialogue in general, is a human rapport of individual or collective nature, depending on transparency and honesty essential for vital discourse. One may conduct a self-dialogue as to review behavior and views or with others as to rectify or develop a certain outlook for better mutual understanding . Therefore, Islam has established a sensible universal view pertinent to communication and interaction with others.  The Qur’an is full of dialogues; God says, “… talking to his friend, he said …”  thus established to recognize the other in terms of culture and other various de facto human dimensions.  For instance, stories on prophets and messengers depict communication with respective target nations to introduce heavenly messages peacefully “… with wisdom and good teaching …” Verbs of statement of thought show that the Qur’an stipulates rules of rational dialogue with others. God says, “speak to him gently …”  Furthermore, the biography of the Prophet themes many dialogical situations with individuals and groups such as Thaqeef delegation. The atmosphere of the discussion was full of gentility and refinement. The Prophet followed the same propriety dealing with the Christians of Najran, as portrayed by the Qur’an and Sunnah. The lessons aim to guide people to virtue and good deeds in the framework of high human values. God says, “… let us arrive at a statement that is common to us all …”  to establish dialogue as an approach for tolerance and coexistence . Admittedly, Islam adopts such sublime intentions, along with rationality, wisdom and good advice to communicate, educate and establish moral human values. That will lead to mutual understanding, coexistence and peace cementing goodness and prosperity amongst diverse cultures . 

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