Ramadan and Human Building

Dr. Mohammed Chemat, 2020
The purpose of the occasion is the spiritual building that contributes positively to physical and behavioral conduct.

As human is not only the initiator of renaissance, but also the vehicle for thought and reflection, the incumbency of Ramadan with all its grandeur as the month in which the Qur’an was revealed befits spiritual reflection. The purpose of the occasion is the spiritual building that contributes positively sto physical and behavioral conduct. Al Ghazali rightfully asserts that the significant fruitions of Ramadan fasting are based in the invigoration felt despite deprivation of nourishment. As for the sake of God, one feels spiritual elation appropriate with the viceregal mission assigned. God says, "… I will create a vicegerent on earth ..." Al Baqarah: 30, for the communities to inhabit .  In fact, fasting is too constructive to stop human from exerting efforts related to work or pursuing of knowledge. Imam Shafii used to write much and examine texts during Ramadan through which he authored many of his books we read today. Rabi’ Ibn Suleiman related that ‘Shafii portioned the night into three parts: the first for his writing, the second for his prayers, and the third for his sleep ’. There are great virtues the Creator bestowed on Ramadan to benefit people in terms of spirituality and knowledge. God says, ‘The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind’ Al Baqarah: 185. Certainly, the teachings revealed at that blessed time are meant for true happiness in this world and the world to come . Therefore, the series of calls to good deeds and worship in the footsteps of the Prophet beginning with the seeing of the crescent, particulars of fasting and respective prayers came for more rewards . Hence, Ramadan is a good opportunity for community building and interaction divinely endorsed to yield charitable deeds, tolerance and infinite philanthropy. That will reflect positively in both psychical and spiritual upbringing conducive to faith and humanitarian fraternity, which guarantees successful social relations contributive to happiness, sense of security and sustainable development . 

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