The Art of Reading and Intellectual Curiosity

Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2020
One of the most significant true arts of reading is the intellectual curiosity.

One of the most significant true arts of reading is the intellectual curiosity. Which is an ardent desire to comprehend as the reader flips the pages to inspect lines in depth.

As the Argentinian-Canadian writer Alberto Manguel puts it, ‘The ideal reader is the translator. He is able to dissect the text, peel back the skin, slice down to the marrow, follow each artery and each vein and then set on its feet a whole new sentient being’.

Thus, the intellectual curiosity is not a mere material pack inasmuch as it is a vista to build human mind, expand its awareness and invest in its energy to mold sustainable intellectuality conducive to proper cognizance. Which explicates the psychological reading behind ideal readers, artists, writers, translators and pioneers of literature and culture. For they have common personal characteristics, temperaments, aptitude, motives, interests and cognitive inclinations to digest complex reading materials to reach required comprehension through proper reading mechanisms and strategies.

As, intellectual curiosity is not only an art, but also a skill to boost understanding and analytical learning essential for ideal readers to pass such skills to community at large. 

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