National Identity & Sense of Belonging

Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2020
The eternal belonging to the homeland is identity, pride and the key word in existence.

Home is such an interesting word; as it comprises not only feelings of the past, present and future, but also relatives and community as a whole that one proudly belongs to and internalizes for eternity.

Since birth, national identity is something deeply ingrained and established as we bond with parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and territory at large. Added to the history learned at school, traditions and customs we came to life with to guide us in our respective journey. Home is simply the soil, relatives, future, ambition and a life map to the youth to realize aspirations and sense of belonging. So vital for individual identity, language and true national belonging expressing what we learn, act, and broadly interact with the world at large.

While having our homeland at heart, with all its folk and traditions as an essential part of belonging and pride before others. Of whom some may compel us to sacrifice for our dignity and national allegiance proudly ingrained by our ancestors to sustain original identity. Firmly soldered in our hearts out of national loyalty instructive enough to inspire younger generations who demonstrate such adherence with tangible pride on an individual and communal level alike. 

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