UAE: A Tolerant and Close-knit Community

Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2021
The UAE is an example of a unique modern state based on numerous concepts of social tolerance.

The UAE is an example of a unique modern state based on numerous concepts of social tolerance, justice and equality resulted in a cohesive close-knit community with a clear plan; uniquely based to spread tolerance and respect of cultures and traditions while preserving individual’s characteristics and guaranteeing their dignity and respect. Under the umbrella of compassion and collaboration not only inherently originated in the local community but also officially constituted as a unique temperament of the UAE community members.  

Moreover, community rapport has been an integral part since the founding of the UAE as a federated state, continuously updated to achieve progress and sustainable development. Widely reflected in several human indices to highlight yet more communication and cohesion amongst community members. That entertain progress while preserving their originality based on cooperation and tolerance drawn from a great legacy deeply rooted in collaboration ever present in the past, present and prosperous future.    

Furthermore, to upkeep good traditions, the UAE endeavors to support community members concerned with maintaining the legacy of their forefathers; mainly the values of tolerance, respect, cooperation and a strong social cohesion. Deservedly positioned the UAE in the forefront of communities when it comes to tolerance and bond contributive not only to communal balance, but also a well sought-after progress.

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