UAE… Tolerance and Sustainable Peace

Shaikha Nasir al Karbi, 2020
When it comes to establishing of tolerance and peace drawn from values, the UAE is definitely an example of that.

When it comes to establishing of tolerance and peace drawn from values, the UAE is definitely an example of frontrunners practically demonstrated through its amended legislations.

Through its brief experience in comparison with other countries of richer history, the UAE has drawn from its ancient Arab Gulf Islamic past and its regional and global strategy to disseminate values of tolerance, coexistence and peace embedded in true social values led to the establishment of the UAE per se by the founding fathers in the nineteen seventies. Added to cooperation, compassion and amiability on which tolerance, peace and sustainable coexistence based as drawn from the historical legacy of the UAE fraternal community uniquely conspicuous to the world today. 

Since the developmental renaissance of the UAE in all fields, the welcoming gates have been open for all nationalities to constitute a modern society of the biggest multicultural ethnic mixture mainly based on tolerance spearheaded not only by the UAE people, but also by the respective wise leadership of highest levels.  Which molded the country’s resources into a modern state while safeguarding the values of the local community through a number of initiatives, activities and events highlighting genuine peaceful coexistence and tolerance. Under which all members of the diverse community amicably interact.

Moreover, the UAE has not sufficed itself with the individual self-values only; rather, it enacted laws and legislations and issued directives to spread tolerance among people. While combating all opposite reactions, the UAE has never ceased to promulgate true peace to all regional and international arenas. Besides its global charitable contributions reflecting the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace adopted out of belief that such values will create a healthy, loving and advanced community.

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